Mikey’s Monster

Mikey is still convinced of the monster under his bed. He makes me tuck him in, turn on the lamp, and leave the door open every night. He says the monster only comes out when the lights are out. I know most of us went through this at some point in our childhood and to be honest – I still get a little nervous about hanging a limb off the side of the mattress in the dark! I just worry about Mikey. He is getting to the age that his friends want to start having sleep overs and I don’t want him to be in a situation at a friends where if the lights get turned out he is terrified. I think it’s maybe time to start encouraging him to turn the lights out and walk himself to his bed in the dark. You have to face your fears to overcome them, right?

I asked Mikey to draw me a picture of what the monster under his bed looks like…

Scary Monster

I’m kidding! We would be packed up and out of this house before sundown.


It is still a little creepy though right? Yikes.

Any advice for tackling this fear?


Hello World

I never thought I would start a “mommy blog” but here I am. Recently my little boy Mikey decided he was afraid of the dark. He is convinced there is a monster under his bed and is terrified of being in there alone. This is only the beginning of my parenting challenges. I am hopeful that this blog will be a good platform for my mommy questions and all of your expert advise on handling them. So here goes nothing!

Mikey's adorable drawing of his family.
Mikey’s adorable drawing of his family.